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Stray Dogs is a brand specific creative studio.

We believe there is an enormous disconnect with many companies, big and small, when it comes to truly understanding and implementing a cohesive brand strategy. For many, the problem lies in misconception: the lack of a true brand platform from which every singular connection to the customer reinforces the brand ~ in a way that is compelling, emotional, and promotes authenticity. For others, the brand potential is minimized through disjointed and poorly executed advertising, marketing, communication, and customer experiences.


This disconnect is magnified by the process with which companies acquire their creative. Except for the largest of corporations, most small to mid-sized companies simply cannot afford the services of expensive ad agencies; those that have the deep understanding, knowledge and experience required to guide a brand from a global perspective.



Many design studios have the ability to deliver de 

excellent creative, yet miss the opportunity to effectively develop and evolve a company’s branding. Their view tends to be singularly focused on the particular projects they are awarded.


Our difference and unique value proportion is this: Stray Dogs approaches every project, large or small, from a global brand perspective. We analyze all aspects of your brand platform. We discuss, brainstorm, and consult our clients on their brand strategy, before beginning any work.


The result is creative and marketing that is dramatically more effective. Our goal is to help companies develop, grow, and maintain a consistent brand experience, both externally and internally. And we do it affordably, efficiently, and painlessly.


Call us today for a brand analysis.


holistic brand management. a stray dogs proprietary approach.
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