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Creativity without focus is like a rebellion without a cause. We made that up, but it makes a good point. Great creative is meaningless and expensive if it doesn’t do its job. The role of creative, within the context of advertising and marketing, is single focused; To enhance brand equity.


The best companies in the world know how to capitalize on their brand at every turn. They know the importance of integrating visual identities, symbols, and colors with the right copy and messaging, to support the overall brand platform. A photograph does not live alone ~ nor does a logo, a tagline, or a copy block. They live together as a family, each adding value to their heritage.

Truly effective creative means that every single element element supports the brand. Stray Dogs understands this. We take this same holistic approach to every creative product we accept. If it is a national campaign or a catalog for a local retailer, we begin our work from the top down.


We look at each project from a global brand perspective and develop our creative to maintain, enhance, and evolve the brand. The most expensive creative fees are worthless without this approach ~ and the simplest ideas are worth their weight in gold if they truly support the brand.



great branding is a blend of creative and intellect
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