We are in the midst of a revolution. Today’s companies have opportunities to reach their customers, in ways not possible just a few years ago. At the risk of sounding cliché, the playing field truly has been leveled. Small companies now have the ability to compete with large corporations, by utilizing laser focused web strategies which are more cost efficient and more effective, than traditional advertising.


The current trend in consumer psychology demands customer engagement and a sharing of values, beliefs, and experiences. Nothing provides this opportunity better than social media marketing. The social media platforms allow an ongoing dialogue with your audience, allowing you to speak directly to your customers ~ your most important asset in the determination of customer satisfaction, product direction, and brand influence.



Stray Dogs Creative will develop clear, concise

concise strategies to help you navigate the social networking maze and effectively utilize this critical medium. Our process is simple and we have packages to fit any budget. Our marketing and creative team, along with our IT partners, will develop a website and marketing strategy with the right tools to target your market like never before. Whether you need a complete web package, or simply need to integrate social networking into your existing marketing, Stray Dogs will get your company to the top of your game. If you are simply too busy to manage your social networking, Our social media division, Chatterbox, is designed to cost-effectively manage your branded conversation.


Join the revolution ~ let us show you how to benefit from this exciting and growing opportunity.Contact Stray Dogs for a social networking assessment.



promotiong customer engagement through connectivity