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great branding is a blend of creative and intellect


A large portion of Stray Dogs work has been in the fashion industry. Below are two ads created for Miss Me Jeans, as a part a national campaign. We have a separate site dedicated to fashion clients and artists. To view, please follow this link 






Lectra asked us to create a collateral piece supported with online advertising to promote their Kaledo 3D Trend Software. An advanced design application which works as an integrated component of their PLM Suite. Used heavily in the industry and the most popular tool used in fashion design education. In an effort to engage industry designers, as well as students, Stray Dogs designed an interactive experience to what would normally be a simple brochure. Adding the 3D glasses made the promotion participatory and created huge interest in the product release. The campaign was so successful that Lectra received calls requesting the promotional piece.









Information Builders is the largest privately held Business IT Software company in the United States. We have done many projects for them over a long relationship. We worked with IBI to help them build more emotionally compelling advertising and marketing strategy, rather than the industry standard - which tends to be graphs, charts, and left brain marketing. This ad campaign was so successful that the publisher of CIO Magazine called us to thank us for such a refreshing, high-level ad campaign.







Rock Doc Dentistry recruited Stray Dogs to create a unique brand concept and marketing strategy that would stand out. The dental industry is overpopulated, and the majority of marketing in the dental field is generic and utilitarian. We took an out-of-the-box approach, which clearly separated the firm from competitors in a way that is fresh, memorable, and fun.

The Rock Doc persona is fully integrated into all brand touchpoints, including the company website, office interior design, staff uniforms, and every aspect of the brand's communication. 






Ongoing brand activations and implementations include a new website and social media strategy, which incorporates music reviews, concert ticket contests, and a variety of unconventional promotions, representing a complete departure from traditional dental marketing.







This client came to us with a simple desire: to start a magazine that would support the evolution of pole dancing as a legitimate competitive sport, despite having no prior magazine experience. The Dogs designed, created, and produced the entire publication.


VAF became a leader and advocate for the sport. Creative direction included overseeing all advertising, photography, staff and freelance writers, selection of shoot locations, models, and talent for each issue of the publication.

Vertical Art & Fitness quickly gained a highly respected voice within the pole fitness and competitive community, earning worldwide acclaim from top industry professionals and athletes.

It has been credited as a major influence on the evolution of the sport during Vertical's 5-year run.






Alvanon is the largest supplier of mannequins in the world. They achieved that status by being the first to use body scans to create mannequins specifically designed for a variety of demographics based on geography, as well as specific body types based on lifestyle. Based in New York, Alvanon contacted Stray Dogs because of extensive work in the fashion industry. Both on the manufacturing side as well as the resource and IT side. 


Stray Dogs created this collateral piece, which also provided content for their website, focussing the messaging on the superior fit their products provide fashion manufacturers. Creating a piece that communicated their differential visually without and still provided enough technical information for Alvanon to explain their value proposition was a challenge. Iconic elements and graphics were used to make the piece visually and emotionally compelling created a successful collateral piece used at trade shows and direct marketing.






Stray Dogs conceptualized Alvanon's trade show booth, promoting the companies unique process and products, with high impact visuals. The challenge at trade shows is capturing the attention of passersby and communicating a company's unique brand offering quickly - In a way that causes them to want more information. Using the emotive effects of bold, provocative portraits, we added a double entendre tagline "EveryBodysDifferent" perfectly representing Alvanon's positioning.






Lectra, based in France, and a global leader in fashion technology, delivers Design & Fashion PLM software, and advanced laser fabric cutters. Stray dogs created this collateral piece, along with supported web marketing components, to promote the an upgrade for the Vector cutter. It's communication and relevancy needed to connect to multiple industries at once. The piece also needed to quickly and simply point to the benefits of a complicated piece of equipment which requires nearly a million dollars with training and deployment. The Vector, by Lectra quickly, became the most demanded bulk cutter in the industry. Today Lectra has annual revenues of over 250 million dollars. 





Guardtime, headquartered in Estonia, is a cybersecurity company that partners with firms in telecommunications, finance, defense, insurance, and other high-security industries. Impressed by Stray Dogs' unconventional approach to Lectra's advertising, Guardtime enlisted our expertise to craft a campaign focused on evoking emotions rather than relying on technical jargon.

By injecting humor into the usually serious realm of cybersecurity, our campaign proved to be a refreshing and attention-grabbing departure from the industry's conventional utilitarian approach. The results were remarkable, with Guardtime's revenue experiencing exponential growth, a testament to Stray Dogs' creative prowess and Guardtime's aggressive marketing efforts.







Community involvement is a pinnacle aspect of Kinecta's marketing. On the heels of the successful Treasure Hunt Campaign,  Kinecta hoped to create follow-up engagement campaign, again aimed at the millennial demographic. Kinecta wanted to engage the well-established music scene as a way of extending the brand to millennials experientially. Stray Dogs delivered a unique promotion which would both highlight and promote the best local artists.


Creating a contest combined with video interviews and soundtracks of the selected talent created a mutually beneficial promotion for both the credit union as well at the artist who were chosen to participate. ROI targets were based on participation in the contest, YouTube view, and traffic to Kinecta's social platforms. All far exceeded the initial goals set by Kinecta.






Kinecta is consistently ranked as a top credit union and is in the top 50 in assets nationwide. Stray Dogs has worked with Kinecta on various levels from collateral creation, community initiatives, non-profit and charitable partnerships, and customer engagement campaigns.


As a launch promotion for a mobile app, Kinecta asked Stray Dogs to develop a customer engagement campaign with viral social media potential. Three specific goals were required to satisfy the campaigns ROI.  First; Kinecta wanted to target a younger audience as a part of their overall marketing strategy; Second was the number of downloads of the new app; Third, was to drive traffic and 'likes' to their Facebook page. 


The Dogs created a treasure hunt for cash and prizes using geo-location technology. The contest was pushed through all of their branches with in-store POS, a dedicated website,  and on Kinecta's social platforms. The promotion was a huge hit with millennial customers and exceeded all initial campaign goals. 






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