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Brand Intelligence is the difference between good brands and great ones. Intelligent branding is the integration of a well-developed brand platform combined with adaptive technologies, customer personalization, and omni-channel marketing strategies. 


Personalization is the hottest trend in marketing. Knowing who your customer is at every touchpoint builds brand loyalty and customer engagement. Mining data based on individual customer behavior online, and the potential of beacon technologies, combine to increase customer satisfaction and can dramatically grow sales through these hyper-connected consumer relationships. 



Companies big and small are marketing to   __ masses like never before. Online marketing allows companies to market to customers far outside their local neighborhoods, reaching potential markets around the world. As great as this is, the downside has been the loss of the personal customer relationships. Companies began focussing their marketing on the greatest common denominators. 


Adaptive and personalization technologies are helping companies to provide a more personal, one on one, customer experience. Personalization provides the ability to offer targeted, customer-specific offers. Companies can move into the future with 'good old-fashioned customer service'. Collecting and using data effectively allows you to reconnect with your customer by delivering content that resonates with their personal desires and needs. 


Stray Dogs understands the critical aspects to successfully grow a brand. Brand Intelligence keeps companies ahead of the curve by keeping them agile and relevant. 




Integrating brand deployment with emerging marketing technologies
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