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Harley Davidson is a great example of a brand with a story. Davidson has become an iconic brand whose story articulates the values of the company in a way that is resonates with their customers. The bond between Davidson and it's customers runs deep with emotion, mythology, pride and aspiration.

Deneen Allen breaks down the Harley Davidson Brand this way:

For example, Harley-Davidson’s Story is about the rule breakers who choose to make their own paths. These strong-willed rule breakers are rebels and outlaws who stand up for what they believe in. They challenge the world as we know it. They are individually motivated. They represent a release of pent-up passions. They are aware of limitations in society and they set out to break the rules and challenge conventions. They feel the excitement of being just a little bit “bad.” They stand out because they do not conform to the normal.

Harley-Davidson’s Story can be told from the point of view of many different people. The lawyer escapes his high-stress job to experience the freedom of the open road. The young man needs to define himself as someone who stands out from the crowd. From each manifestation of this Story flows Harley-Davidson’s brand promise—The Pursuit of Freedom.

The Harley-Davidson brand personality is consistent with the Story and the promise. Harley-Davidson is:

•Fierce individuality •Rebellion against things that are unjust •Different •Innovative •Fearless in the face of danger •Brave •Seeking a better life •Free spirited •Wild •Seeking escape •Adventurous

By building their Brand Story, Harley-Davidson has maintained brand loyalty for over 100 years. Customer relationships, market-defining products, and extraordinary customer experiences are the keys to their success.


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